Free Oral Hygiene Gift Basket!

Free Oral Hygiene Gift Basket!

In addition to each patient receiving an electric Spin Brush, new families to our practice will also receive and Oral Hygiene gift basket!

Our Oral hygiene gift basket includes:

  • 1 electric Spin Brush
  • 1 full sized adult anti-plaque mouth rinse
  • 1 full sized child anti-cavity mouth rinse
  • 1 Crest Pro-Health toothpaste
  • 1 Crest children’s toothpaste
  • 1 Johnson and Johnson floss
  • 2 children’s fluoride floss packets

Free Oral Hygiene Gift Baskets!

*Exclusions apply. Families of 2 or with children.

Free Electric Tooth Brush!

Free Electric Tooth Brush!

At Sunny Dental we are committed to promoting oral healthcare. As part of our pledge to promoting oral healthcare, all new patients over the age of 5 will receive an electric Spin Brush.

Free Electric Spin Brushes!

$40 Exam and Xrays

$40 Comprehensive Exam and X-rays for Cash Patients

For $40 you will receive a comprehensive oral examination and digital radiographs.

You will have a full set of digital radiographs taken.

The doctor will use these radiographs along with a visual examination to diagnose any problems or concerns you may have. We will then provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan to suit your needs.

Please see our financing tab on details regarding financing and our affordable services.